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Gordan Taylor
"The PFA would like to offer its support to its former chairman Dean Holdsworth in the launch the Non league Football Association. We feel that the NLFA will be a positive force in Non League Football helping players to forge a successful and rewarding career at this level of the game. The Non League Footballers Association can be both the spring board and the additional support needed for footballers moving in an out of the professional leagues".
Gordon Taylor - Chief Executive Professional Footballers Association

Without a doubt for some players it can be difficult to find a new club after being released from the professional game, however for players who still wish to play the non-leagues can, in some cases, offer a way back into the professional ranks, provide a great non-professional playing career or further opportunities within the Non-League arena.
Through the NLFA, professional footballers', who find themselves released, can now access the NLFA Players' Directory which will help to assist players to place themselves in the non league shop window.

The NLFA Players' Directory will enable released players to upload essential playing stats and career  information which will  provide any interested managers, scouts and club secretaries access to view  their details online and get in touch instantly about a potential move.

Please note: Any PFA ex members who require help or advise about opportunities available to them outside of the game should directly contact the PFA's Education team on education@thepfa.co.uk  or by clicking on the link www.givemefootball.com or by calling the PFA Head Office on 0161 236 0637.

PFA ex members may also download the latest edition of 'New Goals' the PFA's official Education magazine for further information.

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