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JAMIE COLLINS - Newport County
"Having the NLFA to help players is going to be brilliant, I know so many players who have got injured in games and don't get paid the next week and also can't get to work on the monday, now the nlfa have got Income and Accident protection plans, players need to cover themselves. We all need discounts on boots and help when it comes to money, having somewhere to go for Advice on Insurance and income protection will really help players, All players should be members"
San Kennedy
Player Recruitment
Sam is head of memebrship and player recruitment. He has great knowledge and experience of football in this country and abroad. 
PFA - Gordon Taylor
GORDON TAYLOR - Chief Exec of the PFA, Former Bolton Wanderers & Birmingham City
"The PFA gladly support our former Chairman Dean Holdsworth, Setting up an organisation to support our former members and Non league Footballers will be a challenge but with Dean's energy and the blessing of the PFA, I believe that the NLFA will be a great success" - Gordon Taylor
MD - Dean Holdsworth
MD - Dean Holdsworth
Having played football and been involved in football, both professional and Non-league for a huge percentage of my life, I have experienced the joy of winning and the pain of losing. Having major knee surgery (Cruciate, Medial and Lateral Ligament reconstruction) at the age of 17 nearly stopped my career before it had even started. It made me realise serious injury can dismantle the dream through no fault of your own, wrong place and wrong time or just fete? We don’t prepare as a footballer for a bad hand of the cards. We live the dream, one things for sure though there’s nothing quite like the adrenalin of a dressing room that’s just won a match, a league or a cup final. I am honoured to have played in Wimbledon’s notorious ‘Crazy Gang’, I say honoured because we relied on team spirit, playing to the maximum, giving everything you can for each other and feeling ‘Us against the world’ mentality. We had defeats but made teams earn the win they knew what was coming before the game. When we won we lived and lived hard sometimes taking things beyond the rules but the strength of the team came from the defeats, we wanted to win so much and were a team scared of being average. The feeling of team spirit amongst the group that you have given everything you can for each other, looking in the eyes of the person next to you and knowing you can trust him to give you his last bead of sweat is beyond anything we find when we leave the game.
VINNY JONES - ex Wealdstone FC
"Its fantastic that NLFA has been launched, its something that has been missing in Non-League football. 
Well done to Dean and the NLFA for helping Non league footballers"
Lancashire FA
"The LFA are glad to support to the Non-league Football Association (NLFA) in helping players with additional support needed for footballers moving in and out of the professional leagues, the benefits of the NLFA partners can be a huge help to players and clubs, it's vital to recognize that having insurance protects them against that unexpected injury that could happen, giving peace of mind when training and playing for one and all."
Caroline Barker
Caroline Barker
Founder and Presenter of the Non League Football Show and former Chief Executive at Chelmsford City Football Club, Caroline has an extensive knowledge of Non League Football and contacts within the game and is determined to create better structures within grassroots football

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