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Non League to Grass Roots,
NLFA Support Footballers

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Why Should I Join The NLFA?

The Non League Footballers Association (NLFA) support footballers at Conference level and all the way down the football pyramid. Both Men and Women can be a member of the NLFA, we also support VETS and Grass roots players by offering tailored products throguh specialist partners to help our members. The NLFA now have partners to be a cushion of support in many departments. Becoming a member with the NLFA gives you access to great features including: 
  • Player Recruitment Officer to work with on a new playing career in this country or abroad
  • Sports Legal Advice & Contract Specialists
  • Income Protection Policies for players of all ages.
  • Car Insurance partners
  • Low cost - Online Education Courses
  • Tax and Accountancy advice - First consulation is Free to NLFA members
  • Discounts on a host of products and services from our partners
  • Club offering - Business to Business club offering. Income and Revenue building partnerships available through Sport Life Network
  • 2-4-1 Golf Vouchers with the Belfry and Forest of Arden 
We hope the NLFA will be able to support you on your journey throughout football. NLFA Education partners 'Education through Sport' are providing members of the NLFA with many low cost education courses including Languages through football, such as learning to speak French, the course will give you many keys words and then take you in to football terminology, a fantastic way to learn another language. CV and Interview training courses at low cost

To join click here or to find out more information
contact the NLFA by email: enquiries@thenlfa.com
Follow us on Twitter: @thenlfa
Or join up for our limited membership as players

Now Available - Upgrade to the Players Directory to get noticed by managers around the country. This is a unique place for you to show your match clips and your playing career gdetails for managers of clubs to see. *The NLFA take no responsibility for false information on any such indivdual.* Its very important you add the correct information regarding contractual position.
CV-Personal Profiling

Sometimes people and situations just gel. Things come together at the right time and you get a real sense of camaraderie and achievement. Other times, it just doesn’t happen.  When things don’t work, it’s clear to everyone, but it may not be so obvious why, or how to fix it without things getting awkward. We’re all different. We approach work and relationships with people in various ways. What works for one person may not work for another. You need to understand what works for you. Once you know this, you can start to apply it and make the most out of work and those that you work with. 

Since the early 1980s, organisations across the world have used Belbin Team Roles to identify and use a common language to use behavioural strengths and weaknesses. Dr. Meredith Belbin’s research into teams in the 1960s led him to identify nine Belbin Team Roles. These are key behaviours or contributions we can make to a team. Each of us can play each Team Role with varying levels of success! By identifying our Team Roles, we can ensure that we use our strengths to advantage and that we manage our weaknesses as best we canHere’s the full story: http://youtu.be/hMesDq_rNOw 

What’s in it for me?
Understanding your behavioural strengths and weaknesses in the workplace, and having a language to communicate them, will help you become more effective when: ·       
Going for a promotion or a new job ·      
Negotiating with your boss ·     
Getting the most out of business relationships ·       
Working with a team ·       
Dealing with conflict In fact, the list goes on and on… 
To discover your Team Role strengths and gain advice on how to use them, you need to complete an online questionnaire called a Self-Perception Inventory. It takes about twenty minutes. Once you’ve finished, you’ll be emailed a report based on how you see yourself. You can then ask others what strengths they see. This leads to a more in-depth report which will allow you to compare and contrast. 
Here’s one we made earlier: http://www.belbin.com/content/page/5537/Sample%20Jo%20Pink%20SPI%20&%20Obs.pdf 
Get it £10 cheaper than anywhere else! 

Reports usually cost £35.00
The NLMA are delighted to be working with Belbin and have negotiated a discount on your behalf. 
Enter your promotional code NFLASS2015 on the order form to obtain your report for only £24.95.  Don't forget the code:  NLFASS2015
Interested? Here’s what you do…
 You can purchase your report online at https://team-belbin.com/orders/orderform.asp.

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