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The Player Agency

The NLFA are delighted to announce that we now have in place, Sports legal representation for players. We are passionate about looking after players in all aspects, including contractual negotiations or dispute. The growing number of players that are travelling through the Non-League system is fantastic. It goes to show that players must never give up on the dream to becoming a professional. Having a representative to look after your interests is very important and we feel that John P Spyrou of Pinder Reaux sports legal team will be a great asset to the ‘Player Agency’. 

“As an experienced sports lawyer and football agent John is able to work on the best interests of the player. He is able work with well and communicate with clubs, understanding budgets, incentives and legal contracts to easily reach comprises and broker agreements that fit well with both sides, giving the player a perfect foundation for his future career.“

Director, Solicitor and Registered Lawyer under the Football Agents Regulations at Pinder Reaux Solicitors

@john_spyrou – 07718 058 037 



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